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About Us
Creative force  is not only the pen of a ready writer but the creative force to evangelize on many broad spectrums. Blogs, Facebook, Public Relations/Marketing, Call Centers,  TBN Red Carpet Events, Grant Writing, Radio, Television, Books, Speaking Engagements and Outreaches. In 2008 the first of it's kind Christian dance club .Club Eternal was a short running dance club. It was in the hottest club  The Vue Colorado Springs. It brought many to the Lord.  Most of the ministries that started were through the antiquated website Myspace. It was the wheat in the wine press a ministry in an unlikely place. It gave Creative Force the exposure to reach the world and network to do many projects. It even reached  actresses and actors in Hollywood by being a top 100 blogger.  

hidden message in video:

Proverbs 17:22

page for diy living naturally link below:

Learn how to live natural no chemicals preservatives or anything harmful to you.
There is no reason to do animal testing when you live this way.
great ideas for home health and everyday living enjoy!

Current Projects:

Creative Force is currently working on second book testimony of Christine D'Angelo, titled" Who's Your Daddy?".
The first book - " A Duck Is A Duck" was recently released and is being promoted in hopes to change minds of many programmed into believing medicines are the only way to heal. The book provides the Biblical perspective to healing. You might find it interesting how much the word of God is so very different from the medical field. Other projects of Creative Force are showing films to educate the public. Creative Force is using videos from The Way Of The Master Ministry- The 180 Movie and Audacity are available to be shown at local churches and public theaters. Outreaches are currently being planned. To find out how you can get involved and become a part of the Creative Force team please contact us!
Getting grants for Nutritional Education Center, a facility for all ages to  learn about nutrition and get fit.