Creative Force For The Kingdom
Creative Force in Evangelism and Public Relations/Marketing...................
The vision is to have a Nuitional Educational Training Center with programs for over weight children, cooking classes for families, meals for the elderly.
I'd like to run it like a YMCA with continued classes daily for fitness for all ages, along with educational classes for all ages too.
Education through books and speaking engagments worldwide, of the Gospel and of Nutrition.

Current Expenditures For The Ministry
 Along With What Will Be Needed For Growth:

Current exspenses are website fees for two websites. Microsoft Office monthly payment.
Needing  a literary agent to set up speaking engagments and to promote the publications  world wide .
A building that would fit the ministry needs is currently pending contract, sadly.
The cost of the building needs to be covered if that contract should fall through and be available for me.
I would also need finances for staffing the facilaility. Food  provided or donated for the program at Nutritional Education Center.
And educational materials.